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The Good Egg Quest

I'm starting a vlog for accountability and progress tracking.

It's called The Good Egg Quest, because I'm Eggs and I'm on a quest to be good - get it?! Cool.

In case you prefer reading your information, I'm going to summarise it here:

I have ADHD and was recently diagnosed with CPTSD - which explains a lot about the last few years of my life - I had a biiiig burnout and then Covid put the final nail in the coffin that was my vegan catering business.

So, there I was, 34 years old with no income or any real idea of how to be a person. Great. I was not expecting to have to relearn how to exist and retrain at this late stage. Surely I should have all this nonsense sorted by now? But clearly I did not, and that is the reality I had to face.

As yoga has been massively helpful for me both mentally and physically, sharing that seemed like the most natural step. So, I'm training to be a yoga teacher.

I am also a massive advocate of therapy and used to deliver therapeutic intervention for children in schools, so I'm also doing some counselling courses - who knows trauma better than the traumatised, right?

But to get to this stage, I had some massive sorting out of my own to do first.

I had no routine. No consistency. No self-esteem. No hope. I had to work to get myself back and these are my daily routines I implemented to get and keep me on track.

1) Gluten Free Veganing. I've been gluten free and vegan for a number of years for both health and morals. I started to let the gluten thing slide a bit, and it would make me very ill and sluggish and I needed to stop that. Back on the strict GFV vibes gives me a good solid healthy and morally driven start.

2) Intermittent Fasting. I am a disordered eater. I have decided to take control of that by implementing Intermittent Fasting. Giving myself a solid eating window means I look forward to my meals and don't emotionally eat, plus I can celebrate skipping breakfast and not eating until the afternoon. It means I'm on target.

3) Dr Greger's Daily Dozen. Being an emotional and disordered eater whose old job means I now have anxiety about cooking, I like to have a checklist which makes sure I am getting all of my necessary nutrients. It's filling, and I like the challenge of trying to get (and digest!) 1 and a half cups of beans and greens every day. I only supplement for my hormone imbalance and B12.

4) Yoga. Yoga! YOGA!!! Every day. If I miss my daily yoga practice I'm probably not going to have a very good day. It has helped me so much. How you are on the mat is how you are off the mat. Yoga is the main reason I'm able to have a routine. Why I'm trying things again. Why I've got some self-worth and confidence back. It's given me hope. A reason to get up every morning. A new appreciation of life. Yoga every damn day. Without fail. Shout out to my girl Adriene and her 30 day challenges kicking me off on my daily practice.

5) Breath Work & Meditation. These are technically 2 different things, but I am shite at meditation, and if it wasn't for breath work, I still wouldn't get it. I spent years trying to meditate and it largely makes me want to rip my skin off and run around screaming, so I am so thankful Wim Hof and his method. Getting high off my own supply is a thing. Breathing has been a revelation. I thought I'd have breathing down by my 30s, but apparently I'm only just getting the hang of it.

6) Walking. Not only does the dog need it, but so do I. At least 60 minutes outside in fresh air every day. Preferably in some woods. There have been days when my anxiety has stopped me setting foot out of the front door, but I know that once I'm in the woods, surrounded by trees with a joyful dog, I can hear running water and little else, and I've got dirt under my feet (and nails and up my back, probably), I'll be fine. Unless it's busy and full of litterers and part time woods goers, then I can be a bit Shreky and "get out of my swamp"ish.

7) Sobriety. I've been a heavy drinker since quite a young age. Smoker too. And was known to self medicate on the very regular. I quit it all 3 months ago and am actually astounded at how much better I feel. I felt bad all the time and normalised it. I was very literally full of poison. I sleep better. I eat better. I'm not throwing up multiple times a week. I don't have weird aches and palpitations. Who knew?!

8) Water. I'm still struggling with this one. I drink water all day, but still nowhere near enough. I'm working on it. I'm a work in progress.

And that's it, my 8 point plan for being a basic human bean.

I would love to know if any of this rings true with you. Or if you have your own routine. Feel free to get in touch and let me know.

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